Meet Annie

Name: Annie Age: About 8 weeks…we think. Favorite food: Kitten Chow Favorite place to hide: In or behind the litter box. Hobby: Being awesome and not letting her parents sleep. Favorite type of music: Classical and showtunes, though country went over well. Favorite toy: So far, a mouse. Favorite place to sleep: On top of […]

You Can't…

…always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, You get what you need. Brent and I got a kitten. I’m picking her up later this afternoon and I’m really excited about becoming a kitty mother. […]

15 Remarkable Things You Can Do Tomorrow

It’s about 11:00 PM and I’ve decided that I’ve spent enough time procrastinating on writing apost. Here are 15 things that you can do, should do, and will do today, tomorrow, or whenever. 1. Smile at someone as you hold the door for them. 2. Take the time to news article, book, magazine, or blog. […]

Construction Continues…

Yes – just like PENN DOT projects. I’ve switched to “Vigilance” and so far, I’m glad I did. There’s tons of room for customization and I get a lot of flexibility. Now if I can just finish up some more post ideas, update the “About” page and get my rear in gear. Oh, summertime, why […]

Under Construction

Hey everyone. To make this blog better for all of us, I’ve decided to look for a new theme. Right now, it’s Cutline and so far, seems to be working for me. I have some more customization I’d like to get into as well as a huge content update. So, just to let you know, […]

Delights Across the Sea…

If you haven’t seen my Twitter stream yet, you may not know that one of my new favorite things to do is watch Britain’s Got Talent clips on YouTube. Yes, I’ve got a hankering to see talent across the pond perform (sometimes well, sometimes not so well) in a competition for a top prize of […]

A Brief Update…

Right after I make the promise to post more often, I go ahead and get bronchitis. Just my luck, huh? For the past few days, I’ve spent most of my time in bed feeling utterly useless. Despite my attempts at getting out and about (thanks to a wonderful someone who likes to make sure that […]

A Remarkable Story of an "Unremarkable" Man

Have you often thought about what it would be like to die? How about to be somewhere beyond death with the capability to scribble down a memoir of your life? In Epitaph for A Small Winner, author Machado De Assis does just that as he introduces Braz Cubas, a man who has just died, and […]


Hello everyone. First off, I want to apologize for staying out of touch. Secondly, I’ll share why I was so distant. After returning from a trip to Gettysburg on April 19, disaster struck. My computer became infected with the Vundo Trojan and spend the next three days in agony. Luckily, this machine was saved by […]