It’s about 11:00 PM and I’ve decided that I’ve spent enough time procrastinating on writing apost.

Here are 15 things that you can do, should do, and will do today, tomorrow, or whenever.

1. Smile at someone as you hold the door for them.

2. Take the time to news article, book, magazine, or blog. Just read anything.

3. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass. Breathe.

4. Make yourself go for that run you’ve been putting off. You deserve it. It may not feel good to start, but it’ll feel wonderful once you’ve finished.

5. Teach yourself a new song.

6. If you have a Twitter account, spend an entire day engaging in conversation. Soon you’ll be hooked and can become part of the community.

7. Send a quick note to an old friend. Maintain your contacts.

8. Try eating healthy for the whole day. Notice how you feel.

9. Close your eyes and clear your head in the shower. Use that last minute or two before the hot water runs out to meditate.

10. Take out the trash. Both literally and metaphorically.

11. Volunteer. Anywhere.

12. Sign up for a contest. Who knows? Maybe you’ll win.

13. Tell someone how much you love them.

14. Look down at your shoes. Be thankful you have them to begin with.

15. Before you go to sleep, flip the pillow over so that your cheek gets the cold side.

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