Hello everyone.

First off, I want to apologize for staying out of touch.

Secondly, I’ll share why I was so distant.
After returning from a trip to Gettysburg on April 19, disaster struck. My computer became infected with the Vundo Trojan and spend the next three days in agony. Luckily, this machine was saved by NEPA Geeks.

NEPA Geeks is a collection of talented computer savvy gentlemen with a passion for delivering great service. According to their official website, many of the group’s members have worked for the nation’s largest technology support company for years and decided to venture out on their own after they saw how the company was developing. Bringing high level expertise to the table and an unparalleled knack for customer service, NEPA Geeks is now my go-to source for any technology advice or service.

In addition to repairing computers, NEPA Geeks also offers recycling services, custom built computers, home theater services, computer diagnostics and maintenance, networking, and installation of various home theater and computer equipment. In short, they pretty much do it all for a price that’s incredibly affordable. You can even take a look at all of their offerings by visiting their website at NEPAgeeks.com.

Currently, the business only accepts clients by appointment, though the website tells me that they’re looking to open a retail location sometime this year. I wish them all the luck in growing and developing this business. I know that I’ll be sure to tell those I know (including you dear readers) that NEPA Geeks is the best place to go for computer and home theater advice in both Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.

Be sure to give their site a look through and even follow up with them on Twitter at @nepageeks to learn more.

As for my updates, I should have a few posts coming through as early as this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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