Spending most of your day near or at a computer can sometimes pay off, especially if you’re finding something interesting. Here are a few sites that I’ve come across that definitely keep me interested. You may have heard of them already, but they’re worth a shout out anyhow.


It’s “the place to buy and sell everything handmade. ” After hearing about it from a friend, I’ve become an avid Etsy shopper.  I usually check the front page at least once a day to see some of the featured items because they are oh-so-awesome.  Even if you don’t have the extra cash to spend, it’s fun to look.  I highly recommend this to be a place to shop for the person who has everything. Splendid for the discriminating gift giver.

Post Secret

If you haven’t heard of Post Secret, you may be living under a rock somewhere. Post Secret is a collection of post cards sent in that reveal a secret about the writer. All post cards are anonymous and it’s interesting to see not only what other people have to say, but also what they have to hide. Very moving.

Style Me Pretty

This is probably one of the best wedding blogs I’ve ever seen. While I may not be planning my wedding just quite yet (don’t worry Brent), browsing this site is worth it for the fabulous DIY ideas and stunning photography. Not to mention, there are a lot of really awesome style inspiration boards. Style Me Pretty is a MUST for the bride and wedding vendors alike.

Real Simple

I already get the magazine, but I’ve found that the site is packed with really useful information. From cleaning and organization tips to recipes, Real Simple has the right idea when it comes to a return to basics – especially in times like these. Great for my nesting urges.  It’s true – I’m really a domestic at heart!


As an official blog for PA natives to post about their favorite places  throughout the state, PAadventure is a great way to get new ideas on something to try in a nearby town or city. Also great for planning a day trip to a Pennsylvania destination.  Not to mention, I’m also a guest blogger on here, so be sure to tune in to see some of my latest posts! :-)

Well, ta-ta for now. I’m off to get my education. Perhaps we’ll chat again soon when I’m not buried in school work. But before you leave, let me know: what are your favorite websites?  I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. I love Post Secret…I’m going to check out the others now while I procrastinate on actual work at the Writing Center :-)

    Thanks, Super Girl!

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