In recent interview with The Weekender (pick up a copy this week to read the story by Donna Talarico), I was asked about what kinds of posts I find to be most useful on Twitter. Hmm…good question.

To me, inspirational quotes or little tidbits of knowledge are always the most useful. If you get me to click your link or stop to consider the quote you’ve tweeted, you know that you’ve done your job. You drew me in, kept my attention, and engaged with me meaningfully.

So what does this mean for you?

Whether you’re a site owner developing a social media strategy or an individual looking to make some connections, rmemeber that the secret to success is meaningful engagement. In the social media sphere (LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) other networkers are going to make or break your success based upon what you offer up to the constant flow of communication. If you enter into the Twitter stream only looking to sell your product (or yourself for that matter), prepare to be unfollowed. Users want something more than a sales pitch. They want personality, not just a brand or a few empty tweets per week. They want a forum to connect with you and voice their concerns. They want a meaningful engagement.

Can you give it to them? If not, social media may not be the best place for you. However, creating a successful web presence can yield benefits well worth the effort. Believe me, there’s nothing like taking part in the constant flow of conversation between hundreds, if not thousands of people at once. It’s connectivity in a global village at its best.

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  1. Ms. Boyle, very nicely done! I always knew you would do something fantastic, and this is just the start. Keep working hard and shining bright. You are a fantastic person with a great future ahead of you.

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