I started writing this post last month after eating baklava.

Photo By: Electric City Renaissance

It was Greek Festival week and you know what that means: eating delicious, homemade treats for the better part of a weekend. And damn, was it a great weekend.

The festival ran from June 2 through June 6 at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. It’s located right across the street from the Albright Memorial Library and a stone’s throw away from the Scranton Cultural Center. Two of my favorite buildings in the city. You know I had to stop to admire both on my walk toward gastronomic delights.

Photo By: James Benfante
Photo By: Brad Clinesmith

That weekend also played home to First Friday Scranton. I’ve always enjoyed the excitement around First Friday, eager to play tourist in my hometown. Brent and I walked the square, saw friends and colleagues (and chatted with them), and I topped off the night with being a living mannequin. Yep.



The New Vintage Ensemble, the theater group I’m a member off, partners with the On&On Vintage Popup Marketplace each First Friday. We stand in the windows of The Leonard as living mannequins, posing in 60’s finery to draw passersby in to explore the vintage and artisan goods inside. It’s a really cool experience.

June was a busy month. The weather was nice so we had an active crowd exploring the city. My friend Kathryn showed off her latest creations, Broken Twig, at the letterpress studio across the street. The city was alive and buzzing – and it felt like summer.

When I think about how summer started in 2015, that weekend will always come to mind. The warmth of the sun coupled with good food, good friends, and the knowledge that – as always – there’s something exciting going on where you live.

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