It’s July. It’s hot and humid. It feels like you’re walking through soup.

But I’m nonetheless dazzled by how this month is going so far. It’s busy for sure, but in the best way possible.

The July 4th weekend was great. Work was closed on July 3rd, so I had the day with Brent to just relax.

Hello, beautiful. #lox #breakfast #downtowndeli

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We got breakfast at the workday takeout standby, Downtown Deli, and then we walked through the downtown, popping into Scranton Hobby,  Adezzo (for a yummy macaron!), Vine (for their badass coconut rice pudding!), and Comics on the Green. That comic book store is a wonderland. I’m not into comics, but it was fun nonetheless. As we walked back to the car, we riffed on our mutual nerd tendencies. It’s a good thing.

That night, we headed down to First Friday, where the city square was swarmed with activity. The NEPA Philharmonic was setting up before the city fireworks display. The streets were lined with food trucks and vendors. I stopped at the Mexican food truck that’s usually parked on Spruce to grab nachos. Delicious.

Then it was on to The Leonard for our usual First Friday adventure of live mannequins, but that night was different. The New Vintage Ensemble was presenting an original short play, “Color So Real” by dear friend and talented playwright Sarah Regan. It starred Casey Thomas and Kimmie Leff – two talented actors I adore working with.

@tapiokatundra and Casey performing in the @newvintageensemble’s production of my play Color So Real: A Great American Soap Opera. Photo by @meredithminer, one of our live mannequins for the Pop-Up Marketplace in the adjoining room. Many thanks to everyone who made the event a success.

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A great American soap opera set in the Green Ridge section of Scranton, “Color So Real” was all about dramatics. There were secrets, lies, and a color TV. There was violence, passive aggressive barbs, and thoughts on real estate. A gem I was delighted to direct. (Holla, theater nerds!)

While you’re making your First Friday rounds, stop by On and On and buy from sone amazing vendors! And stick around for this little thing from @newvintageensemble. #greatamericansoapopera

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After, I walked through the crowds set up in the courthouse lawn to the Connell Building to meet Brent and my partner in crime (and Maid of Honor), Amanda.

We sat on the roof of a parkade, enjoying a beverage on a beach towel with friends. As I watched a group of collegians playing beer pong in the distance, I felt totally at ease.

Maybe it was the sound of their playlist blaring on Pandora.Maybe it was the platform stars and stripes shoes the one girl was wearing (and couldn’t walk in). Maybe it was the cool breeze on the roof of a parkade when you’re surrounded by friends and a cooler with the same sense of awe as the sky lights up.

It was awesome. And a perfect way to start the weekend (see photos by my Mister of the event). So lovely.

The next day, we awoke to the slight twinge of sulfur in the air. You could tell it was a holiday weekend by the scent and the occasional burst of a firework throughout the day.  Welcome to NEPA, folks.

Our July 4th was filled with family and friends at parties. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad abounded. We planned future get togethers and laughed over the phenomena that is Magic Mike. I watched my fiance and uncle set off fireworks. My cousin Kim laughed at me when I was startled by one. There was cannoli dip. Divine.

I also did some yoga on the 7th floor of a parking garage. It was amazing. Here’s a video from the folks from Jaya Yoga who organized it!  

Yogis in action! #yogaontheroof

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Squirrel Girls Code Camp was last week, too. It’s a camp I co-organized with the gals of NEPA BlogCon to educate girls in grades 4-6 on STEM goodness. 3D printing, logic, positive role models, and even a bit of Frozen sprinkled in.

I am in absolute awe of these girls. They are so smart, so excited to learn, and so inspiring. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and play along with them. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did – and I’m thrilled that we could help bring something like this to life in our region. Thank you to everyone who volunteered along with us. This is the start of something big in NEPA. <3

And July? You’re pretty great so far.

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