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New year, big things, lots to think about and be grateful for.

I’ve always been fond of taking time to reflect on the past, revel in the present, and delight in the future on New Years. All too often, we find ourselves feeling like we need to be better, do better, and change so much in order to make the most of the year ahead. Looking at 2014 head on, I can honestly say that there aren’t many drastic changes or hardcore resolutions I’ll be making. 2013 was a hear of overwhelming joy, surprise, loss, laughter, challenge, stress, discovery, and so many other things. Each year is a new adventure and it’s what makes the start of it so exciting. There’s a blank canvas to be painted. And like all great artists, your technique gets cultivated with time.

I’ve learned a lot from the past year, and one of the biggest lessons was to focus on the small to get to the big. I’ve let myself down in the past by making promises – grand ones – to myself and then not living up to it. So, keeping that in mind and also taking into account what I’ve experienced in the last year, I’m thinking about small ways to take care of myself.

So, instead of making a New Year’s resolution, this year, I’ll be giving myself 14 reminders (it is 2014, after all!). When I’m feeling lost, out of balance, or unwell (like I am right now, presently nursing a hangover from a little overindulgence that came with one of the most fun and soul-warming NYE celebrations I’ve ever been part of), I can refer back to this list to keep me on the right path. There’s no one goal, just the promise of  feeling good and living, as Oprah would say, my best life.

Here are my 14 points I’ll be reminding myself of this year:

  1. Eat real food, in moderation. 
  2. Breathe deeply. 
  3. Move more. 
  4. Say “no” more often. 
  5. Make more time for relationships. 
  6. Tickle the brain.
  7. Remember to laugh.
  8. Get some fresh air.
  9. Be gracious and grateful.
  10. Align what I do with what I value.
  11. Decide.
  12. Learn from it all.
  13. Take breaks.
  14. Serve, both yourself and others.

Beyond these, I’m also excited about all of the things that will be happening in the coming year, like:

So, lots of good stuff going on! What’s on your plate for the upcoming year?

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  1. Love your blog! Those are all great ideas and so many good things lie ahead of you. With your positive attitude, you can’t miss!!!!

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