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Yesterday, I ate my lunch alone. Actually, I eat lunch alone quite a bit, and you know what, it’s really ok.

Look, I know that they’ve written books about how you shouldn’t eat alone, but I value the few moments I have in my day when I can just stop and think. If you know me outside of this blog, you know that I’m a work like mad kind of person. I look angry when I read because I get really focused. I type furiously. You get the picture.

When it take the time to stop, sometimes I just need quiet. I need time to stop communicating. To gather my thoughts and actually live in the moment, not the assignment at hand. I need to detox from my computer screen and my moving fingers and eyeballs.

Yesterday, I took time out of a very busy day at SC and had grilled cheese, creamy tomato soup, and lemonade. It was wonderful. I ate by myself in a restaurant. I brought a book along to amuse myself while waiting for some delicious eats. It was simple and I enjoyed every minute – but why did so many people look at me like I was growing another head?

I smiled at the waitress and I thanked her when she brought my drink, my food, and my check. I was very cordial. I didn’t talk on my cell phone. Was there something on my face? Did I offend someone by sitting alone? Did I make someone feel uncomfortable? Did they think there was something wrong with me?

I didn’t entertain these questions until after I got into my car.  But I really don’t care. I feel perfectly fine taking time out of my day to just chill. I eat alone sometimes. I go to movies alone sometimes too. These are just activities that I just like to do alone every now and then. Simple pleasures and a quiet mind.

Add grilled cheese and freshly-squeezed lemonade and I’m in heaven.

How about you? What are your simple pleasures?

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  1. I agree, I like my alone time too, but it always makes me sad when I see people eating or going to the movies alone. But now that I see your point, perhaps those people enjoy solitude too. I’ll have to remind myself of that the next time I see someone alone, and remind myself not to stare.

  2. :) We’re not always sad. Though I have to say that I’ve stopped and felt sad for those alone before. Sometimes I forget that it’s ok too.

  3. I totally agree, after programming for a couple hours people wonder why I just need a little alone time to get my brain focused again.

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