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Here’s my dilemma.

For awhile now, I’ve been considering the direction this blog is going in and where I’d like for it to be going in and I think that a lot of my frustration stems from the idea of thought leadership.

In blogging communities – or any community for that matter – thought leadership is what sets other bloggers apart. These are the people who post things of value. They make arguments and support them. They provide information that can help others. They demonstrate knowledge and expertise.

These are the people I want to blog like, but when it comes time to actually sit down and craft a post, I question my ability. What do I really know? What gives me the authority to start writing about this.

And then today, it hit me.

These bloggers, the ones I want to craft content like, are people just like me who decided that they had something to say and they just said it. In the beginning, they weren’t all taken seriously. They expressed doubts about their abilities but at the same time, were confident in their subject matter. They decided that they did know.

I think my trouble is that I have to convince myself that I know what I’m doing and sometimes that can be tough. I relate this back to my whole “age doesn’t equal experience” argument, but I’m finding that my age isn’t the issue here. I am experienced and yes, I’m young, but I still know that I have a lot to learn…about everything, really.

What makes you feel confident in your writing?

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  1. You do know what you’re doing, so keep at it. The more you do it, the more confident you’ll become.

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