Oh my! It’s been a very busy weekend, but a good one. I spent most of my time enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation with Brent, my family, and good friends – all in all, a wonderful way to enjoy the brief recess I had from work and school because of the Easter holiday. I promise you – I played the soundtrack to “Jesus Christ Superstar” about 10 times throughout the course of the weekend.

But alas, I return to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow with work in the morning and afternoon and then homework/senior project work in the evening. I tell you, this whole graduating thing is harder than it looks…lol.

Tonight, I spent some time working on The Wood Word website so that it can be ready for the launch on Wednesday. Yes. The time has come.

Miss Toth and I will be spending quite a bit of time tomorrow working on the final touches before the launch – and don’t worry, I’ll let you all in on the story behind the site and even where it’s located soon! :-D
Other than that, it’s the usual: work, freelancing, work, writing, work, sleeping, work, cooking, work, playing with the cat, work, event planning, work, homework, work, worrying about graduate school, work, frustration, work, rinse, and repeat.

Have a wonderful rest of your Easter!


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