This morning, as I watched Annie play with a stray corn flake (got to it before I did), I thought about things that are true and things that are not. I was sitting in the kitchen. That was true. I was worrying about the class I had in a little over a half an hour. That was also true. But I also thought about something that’s not true. I thought about the not-so-wonderful dinner I had last night courtesy of the GIANT down the street. I’m not always a gourmet cook. I’ll never pretend to be one. I’m just someone that enjoys looking at, smelling, tasting, and experiencing good food. That doesn’t make me a foodie. It makes me someone that enjoys cooking and eating. I don’t have the money to buy fancy ingredients and experiment with complex recipes. Not to mention, our small kitchen doesn’t always afford me the space I need to tackle even simple kitchen projects. For now, let’s just say I’m a person who likes food. Let’s stick with that title. It’s what I am.

While on the subject of things I am and things I am not, let’s make a list, shall we?

Things I Am
1. A girlfriend. By the way, my boyfriend is pretty awesome.
2. A Boyle. If you know my family, you’ll understand.
3. A writer, though I’m not always fully confident in my abilities.
4. A proud kitten mother.
5. Hard-working.

Things I Am Not
1. A foodie
2. A college graduate (not yet – almost there!)
3. Organized
4. Stress-free
5. A girl who paints her nails. Actually, I really don’t like it. I never have. The feeling of something being on my fingernails just makes me grit my teeth.

Tell me about you. What things are you and what things are you not?

3 Responses

  1. i AM awesome! i AM NOT a republican! =) haha wow, i just reread that and totally did not intend it to mean that you’re not awesome if you’re a republican.

  2. I am first and foremost a mother. I am proud of my children and their friends. I have a new grandkitten that I have not yet met. I am in love with my husband after 30+ years (not many people can say that these days). I am not a college graduate, yet…soon! I am not into politics at all and do not enjoy political articles or discussions. I am not good at everything I attempt but at least I attempt!

  3. No worries, you’ll meet the grandkitten soon!
    It’s pretty awesome to still be in love after 30+ years. It’s a rare but beautiful thing.
    Also, the attempt is half the fun! :-)

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