I have to say, starting off the week stressed wasn’t a great thing, but luckily, there was a gleam of sunshine. Actually, it was more like a searing beam.

It’s been about 90 degrees everyday in Northeastern Pennsylvania for about five days. The heat could break by this weekend (hopefully) but unfortunately, it’s still brutal. Want to know how I can tell? I just cleaned my bathroom. Yes, the loo and I spent some quality time together and I gave her a good scrub down. She’s now sparkling and ready to take on anything…mainly pee, but still, anything.

Have you ever thought about how much quality time you spend with inanimate objects (I just spent about 15 minutes with the toilet)? Do you spend more time with your iPhone than your wife? How about more time fondling your computer keys than taking your dog for walks? It’s amazing (and somewhat sad) but if you’re like most people, chances are that you’ve spent more time with inanimate objects than with people. That’s just the way things are nowadays. We’re always moving, always have to be somewhere…

…but maybe not tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or next Saturday.

Give yourself a technology/inanimate object/iPhone detox for one whole day, or if you can’t do that, settle for eight hours. Being the type of person who lives and breathes connectivity, I know how much of a challenge it can be, but trust me, it’s liberating every now and again.

P.S. – If you do take time away from technology for a little while, why not do something fun, like go out and have lunch with an old friend. You can decide on which restaurant to go to without Urbanspoon. One-on-one interaction without a screen will be a refreshing and welcome change. :-)

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