About an hour and a half ago, I was riding a high thanks to a good swim at Marywood.About 20 laps in, I came to a conclusion.

I’ve decided that I’m tired of my pants not fitting quite right and my eating habits, well, sucking. I’m committing to doing something better for myself. Let it be known that on this day, August 3, I’ve decided to commit to a better lifestyle. That means more exercise, more sleep, less stress, more time for me, and less feeling like I’m going to fall off the edge at any moment. I’m going to do things on my terms, and really make an effort to do so. No more excuses, no more saying I’ll do it and then falling back into the same old habits.

It took a long time for me to get here, mostly due to my own stubbornness. No matter how many times I was told to chill, I just didn’t do it. I had to come to the conclusion and the need on my own. I had to decide that I wanted to commit.

Now for the hard part…sticking with it.

I know I can do it, but it’s going to be a test of my will. I’ll have to actually *gulp* say “no” to certain things and start doing things that I want to do. Sure, there will still be the occasional pastry, but I have to start eating better. I’ve already started doing it. Now it’s just a matter of making the commitment to doing it more often.

I’ll also still be stressed. After all, this is me we’re talking about, however, I won’t let it over take my being. Instead, I’ll make time for chilling. Yes, I said it. I will chill.

So let’s recap. Here are the things that I’m committing to right now. Let’s see how far they go:

1. Eating healthier

2. Getting more/better sleep

3. Exercising more often

4. Reducing my stress level

5. Making time for me and for the things that I enjoy

I dare you to commit to something. Whether it’s a passion, a hobby, a goal, a promise, or a person. Just do it. Stop making excuses already and just do it. You know you want to.

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  1. You know i havent talked to you in forever, but your message was inspiring, im trying to commit to loosing 10lbs to go in the air force, but the hard part is actually doing it. Glad to know im not the only one out there who has problems with the do it part. Good luck i hope you do it :)

  2. Thanks so much Nicole! It’s always nice to hear that someone is also going through the same thing :-) How have you been? Feel free to shoot me an email on my contact page.

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