Today, as I was working from home due to my sinus infection, I got to thinking about Valentines Day and how overly commercialized it can be. Brent and I already decided that we’d rather just spend time with each other (I got him something under $10 just to be sweet), but thinking about value and gifts got me to thinking about how maybe Valentines Day should be more like Thanksgiving – only with less turkey and more chocolate.

Valentines Day is supposed to be about showing your appreciation and affection for someone you love right? Well, why not count your blessings on Valentines Day and show your appreciation for the life you have with or without someone special. I bet that each of us with a significant other could name ten things we are thankful for just as well as someone without a special someone could.

This year, instead of going all Hallmark-only-send-the-best-Russel-Stovers-Chocolates-Victorias-Secret-Gift-Card, think about the things you are thankful for and in a quiet, simple way say “thank you.” You may find that Valentines Day can take on a whole new meaning. It can become something deeper, something more meaningful, the way it’s supposed to be.

Maybe this could become a new tradition for me. Valen-giving. I like the sound of that.

My Sister Brianna

In the spirit of Valen-giving, I’m going to list off 10 things I am thankful for in life:

1. Having someone that’s always there and can keep me in check even on my worst of days.
2. Cedar satchets in the closet.
3. Surprise 50 degree days in the middle of winter.
4. Climbing mountains.
5. Being able to cook my own meals from scratch. If you haven’t guessed, I love food.

6. Charities that renew my faith in humanity.
7. Fingers to type, to key, and to write.
8. My health (save for the sinus infection at present).
9. Wonderful friends that I can call on for anything, anytime.

10. Amazing family, especially my little sister Brianna (age 3) who helps me remember to look at the world with as much awe and wonder as she does.

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