…everyone can smell your sweat.  

For the past week, it seems that the majority of campus buildings are cranking up the heat combat the thirty something degree temperatures. Granted, several weeks before when temperatures dipped into the single digits on a regular basis, the rooms seemed a bit on the chillier side. I’m not quite understanding the logic here. Are they trying to make us lose weight? Are they hoping to save on the sauna? I’m not quite sure, all I know is that I’ve been dying from the heat since 8:30 AM this morning with some brief relief thanks to a brisk walk to the cafeteria. Let’s keep some fingers crossed that nosebleeds don’t run rampant within the next two hours.

So what does this rant about uncomfortable temperatures have to do with anything?

Feeling uncomfortable, like I am now, can be a great motivator for someone to get out and do something to change his or her world.  Feeling hot? Open a window.  Dreading writing a paper because of your procrastination? Get your pencil moving.  No matter what it is bothering you, I guarantee that you’ll reach a point where feeling uncomfortable is no longer an option and it becomes a must to do something about it.

In times like these, more people than ever are choosing to put up with feeling uncomfortable much longer than they normally would. This puzzles me to a degree but I keep remembering that something has got to give. Sooner or later, people will become disatisfied with their respective situations and can do something about it. After all, times of great chaos and discomfort can also be incredible motivators for the daring.  The entire cosmetics industry developed out of the Great Depression. I have to wonder what industry can flourish during these challenging times. Will people take the risks necessary to succeed, or will they remain like so many of us, stuck in an uncomfortably hot position? Only time will tell.

Here’s your call to action:

When someone turns up the heat, make it your mission to start feeling cool again. Invent an air conditioner or open a window to opportunity – just remember, only you can prevent yourself from becoming a sweaty mess.

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  1. The cosmetic industry is actually one of the few industries surviving right now. What does that tell us? In times of trouble, turn to superficial measures to make you feel better about your place in life. Sounds good to me.

  2. Prompting an action to save the world. It’s like one of the tenets of improvisational theatre. When you’re in trouble do something physical. Pratfall, acrobatics, exaggerated rude hand gesture, it’ll save your ass.

    Life is just one big improv comedy routine.

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