You Are Here

From time to time, it’s nice to take a moment to remember who and where you are at this very moment. Everything moves so quickly. Our attention is pulled here and there. We’re anxious. We’re 10 steps ahead. But what about being right here, right now? That, well…that we can use practice on. Mindfulness is […]


I couldn’t look at his shoes. White sneakers, untied and waiting for their owner, sat to the right the living room couch. They were clean but broken in, wrinkles in the sides where the toes had bent with every step. Around the yard. To the station before his shift. To baseball games and track meets. […]


The final curtain call of a performance holds a mix of sadness and relief. You can take off your costume now, wipe off the makeup, and finally eat the bag of curly fries that’s been calling your name since you arrived for call 5 hours ago. You get to see your loved ones again. You […]

Building Better Habits

Photo by Alice Achterhof

  My normal system of organization can be a little all over the place. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a margin doodler. I make notes and references to other things in the margins of my notebook pages and worksheets. Sometimes, I draw things – shapes, poor approximations of people, flowers, stars. […]

Carnegie Hall

At my college’s orientation weekend, we were put into groups to do an icebreaker game. “Say something unique about yourself,” said the orientation leader, who looked to be as uncomfortable as the 12 sweating freshmen sitting around him. “A fun fact or something that sets you apart from someone else.” I paused to think about […]


Airplane photo by Freddy Castro

My husband, Brent, loves aviation. He sees a plane and remarks on how pretty she is or how it looks like it would be fun to take a ride in. He’s maniacal about checking weather reports. He speaks in airport names and 24-hour time. Growing up with a pilot in the house does that to […]

4 Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now

Podcasting by William Iven

I’ll admit, I’m a little late to the podcast party. Sure, I’ve listened to them before and on occasion, I’ve followed a show or two. But as I’m working, writing, or getting ready in the morning, I find myself wanting to listen to something other than news. Let’s face it – the news right now […]

La La Land

Today was a day that felt like a good day for a movie, so I did just that. I headed to the Cinemark with my leftover raincheck pass in hand for one ticket to the 1:15 p.m. showing of “La La Land”. Having seen the previews and heard how beautiful it was, I imagined that […]

A New Year

It took me a moment this morning to remember it was 2017. I woke up, tired from the festivities the night before, and looked at the ceiling. The cat’s paws clicked across the floor. My husband, in full burrito blanket mode, was still sleeping. It was quiet. A new year is welcomed with noisemakers and spoons […]

Taking it Home With You

As an actor, I repeatedly put myself into situations where sometimes I bring work home. And by that, I mean I can get the emotional hangovers of whatever I’m doing and that gets shared with the Mister, the cat, and whoever else may come into my path. If you’ve ever done theater that was draining […]