Today was a day that felt like a good day for a movie, so I did just that.

I headed to the Cinemark with my leftover raincheck pass in hand for one ticket to the 1:15 p.m. showing of “La La Land”. Having seen the previews and heard how beautiful it was, I imagined that I’d spend the whole time enchanted – just like when I saw “The Artist”.

The line was long for the concessions but I waited anyway. One hot dog with mustard and a kids pack of popcorn, a small drink, and Welch’s fruit snacks. It’s a good value and the perfect amount for me.

Eager to be dazzled by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, I rushed to find a single seat at the back of the auditorium, squeezed between a woman with a persistent throat tickle and a man’s North Face jacket.  Even so, I love going to the movies.

The previews were the mix of sap and action you’d expect, but then, it happened.

La La Land. A seriously gorgeous production where every shot is rich in color and tone. Emma’s eyes glittered. Ryan’s smirk charmed. The tap dancing made me smile. The singing was soft and lovely. The ending made me cry.

It was the stuff of dreams, which is really what the movie is all about. We make promises to ourselves. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and face summits all the time. Sometimes we make it, sometimes we don’t – but the point is that we tried and that we stayed true to what we really wanted. And those people along the journey? They make it all worthwhile.

Go see La La Land.

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