It took me a moment this morning to remember it was 2017.

I woke up, tired from the festivities the night before, and looked at the ceiling.

The cat’s paws clicked across the floor.

My husband, in full burrito blanket mode, was still sleeping.

It was quiet.


A new year is welcomed with noisemakers and spoons banging on pans, but the next day is more peaceful. This morning was that way.

I opened my phone and scrolled through Twitter.  I read resolutions and news articles. Then I switched to Instagram to graze through brunch photos and inspirational quote graphics. It was nice, in a way, to be reminded of the newness of the day. Heck, of the year.

Although you can start something new or make a change at any time, New Years feels good. That sense of possibility.

I thought about the file I have saved on my Google Drive. A list of things I want to accomplish in the next year (among other time frames).

It feels good to have a plan and a sense of direction for the months ahead – even if it’s just a Google doc.



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