Scranton Fringe

I’ve got a case of the bursty heart feels.

What are those exactly? Well, it sort of feels like joy, pride, and gratitude – all at the same time.

My heart has a lot of feels because this week marks the launch of the Scranton Fringe Festival. Over the past year, I’ve watched this idea grow from a twinkle in someone’s eye to something so much more.

Scranton Fringe isn’t just about bringing together people in NEPA to enjoy and explore art.

It’s not just about giving artists an open and accepting stage to introduce their works to the world.

It’s not limited to giving minds the room to sparkle. To play. To dance.

It’s all of those things – and so much more – but when I think of Fringe, I see part of my own heart. Because it’s made by people I care about and it does something great for our region.

I’m proud of my friends who are the artists, the co-organizers, the directors, and the volunteers.

The people who sold buttons and shared social media posts and fangirled over the ideas we had at bars late at night.

The people who wrote a GODDAMN MUSICAL and the people who are bringing it to life with toe-tapping, puppet-making, sha-la-la-ing intensity.

The people who make us laugh. Cry. Feel. Fall in love.

The people who gave money, time, advice, and commitment.

The people who made phone calls and stored shit in their basements.

I’m grateful that I get to share in a few moments this weekend – and many weekends before and after – working with them, playing with them, sparkling with them.

Because things like this don’t happen every day. Essential as they may be, they don’t always happen. It takes a lot of work and time and effort. It’s scary to try something new. It’s challenging to make something happen in your community. It’s intimidating to have to push yourself. Especially when it’s needed.

But when those special people do, magic happens.

And that’s what Fringe is. It’s pure magic.

And if you believe in magic – in any sense of the word – you’ll be a part of it this weekend.





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The Scranton Fringe Festival is dedicated to creating a bold and engaging platform for creative and thought provoking art with minimal risk to artist and audience. Regional as well as touring artists will be welcomed to present work with no censorship placed on content or artistic expression while striving to promote Scranton as a viable and creative environment.

All types of shows are welcomed on the fringe! You can expect to any of the following at the fringe festival: Theater, Comedy, Fashion, Burlesque, Spoken Word, Dance/Movement, Music, Film, Magic and (possibly) MORE!

40+ productions. 12 venues. 1 city. #SCRANTONFRINGE




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