I finished my first few weeks of using MyFitnessPal (consistently).

A little backstory…

After taking a desk job in college, I started to put on weight (as is the custom in America). It was inevitable. Couple that with getting my first apartment with the Mister (which meant way too much cooking and eating accompanied by Netflix binging), and you’ve got a deadly combination. Truly.

About a third of us (maybe more) are obese in the U.S. alone. It’s crazy to think about. We eat a lot of garbage and we don’t move as much as we should. We opt for convenience. I’m guilty of it and chances you are too. But, there is hope. You can eat better and move more. You can make better decisions.

Right now, I’m participating in a weight loss challenge with my coworkers as a way to get me motivated into taking better care of myself. Making said better decisions.

And I’ll be real for a second: I want to like the way I look in my wedding dress this October.

We all have tools for getting healthy. Some of us join a group like Weight Watchers. Others follow a regimented diet or exercise plan. We try coaches, use apps, keep food diaries – all good things. I decided to start using MyFitnessPal to aid me on this particular journey.

A few weeks into using MyFitnessPal to track my food and exercise has been…enlightening.

The man in the center? On point. Photo by: Faces of Ancient Europe

First, I noticed that my portions were way out of whack. Like most people, I was overeating (even on the healthy stuff) but not paying attention to portion sizes.

I also noticed that my sugar intake was pretty high, mostly due to choosing fruits over veggies to snack on or include in meals. It was something I didn’t really think about until I started actually looking at it. Over time, it adds up.

Another thing I learned? I tend to eat the most and be hungriest around lunch time during the week while I’m working. On the weekends, I end up eating less or even fewer times throughout the day.

I crave dairy quite a bit. According to the medical experts on Pinterest, it means I might need more calcium. Or it could mean that I just like dairy.

MyFitnessPal is pretty nifty, but there are some things that are missing.

For one, I wish it tracked more nutrients so that I can know if I’m getting enough vitamins and minerals (cough, calcium, cough) – not just fat, sugar, protein, sodium, and carbs.

I also wish it could give hugs.

I could use more hugs while doing this.

Losing weight is hard, guys.

On the bright side, the people I work with are fabulous and we’re all supporting each other. We have an email distribution list where we can share tips, recipes, and motivation. We keep in touch on Facebook and check in on our progress at lunchtime. We encourage each other.

That kind of an environment makes it possible to do some great things – and I’m not just talking about losing weight.

But yes, MyFitnessPal, get on the hugs part. KTHXBYE.


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