Over the past week, I’ve talked a lot with friends, family, and co-workers about making resolutions for 2015.

When I was a kid, everyone in school got into making resolutions, but they really didn’t last long.

As I got into high school, college, and beyond, I realized that I’m just really not great at making that sort of a commitment to myself and keeping it. It’s sort of sad really, because if I would’ve stayed true to the resolutions I made as a kid, I would’ve been a lot healthier, a friggin’ millionaire, and probably curing cancer somewhere.

Alas, adulthood has descended upon me and thankfully, I’m not really getting myself down about resolutions. I feel like I do a lot better with making small promises to myself and trying to do little things every day to reach my goals. For example, putting procrastination aside to do something that’s been bugging me, or taking the time to actually get rid of the clutter that’s built up in my car/closet/life.

In 2015, there’s a lot happening. The Wedding (#teambrandy). Theater performances (including one the weekend of Jan. 23, 24 & 25, if you’re interested!). Another BlogCon. Code Camp. Exciting things at work. Friends. Family. Life. Eating. Sleeping. A mud run with my MoH. Lots of great things.

I’m going to approach 2015 with positive intent. Try to manifest some good energies and whatnot. Be grateful and present. Let go of any bad juju.

Today, while spending time with beloved friends and fellow theater ensemble members, I got the chance to do Alexandra Franzen’s Commitment worksheet. It was a very cathartic exercise. It felt good. I feel a little lighter. A bit more ready to take on the weight loss challenge that starts tomorrow at work. A lot more excited about what the year has in store.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t make or keep a resolution. Try focusing on something positive instead. Those little victories that happen every day but we rarely stop to appreciate.

You’re doing good, kid. You’re doing good. 

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