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When we first got engaged, my Mister-to-be and I spent a weekend watching “Bridezillas”. Like most Netflix rabbit holes, “Bridezillas” sucked us in for what probably amounted to several hours. We watched, we cringed, and swore up and down that we wouldn’t let that kind of crazy seep into our own wedding plans.

My name is Mandy Boyle – and I’m pledging to not be a bridezilla.

But I am looking to document my wedding planning experience here and hopefully, have some fun doing it.

I’ve written for wedding clients as part of my job in internet marketing, so I’m familiar with the territory. I’ve read all about tips, tools, color palettes, and inspiration boards. I’ve seen the craziness. I’ve also seen the overwhelming amount of products and resources that are available to brides looking to plan that special day. This may give me an advantage, but I’m certain I have just as many questions, frustrations, and concerns as any other bride.

My blog has always been a place for me to express myself, so while I’m finding myself shaking my head or nodding in agreement throughout the wedding planning process, I think it might be nice to have a place to talk about it (outside of family and friends).

So, the “Getting Hitched” category of my blog will be dedicated to just that. I’ll share my thoughts, my trials, my moments on the brink, and the journey leading up to the big day. There will likely be blood, sweat, and tears. There will be times when I’m completely out of my mind (tell me I’m being stupid).  Becoming a bridezilla may be tempting…but I will try to resist.

Deep breath. 

Let’s begin the Tales of a Twenty-Something, Mostly Reasonable, Scared Shitless Bride a.k.a. How to be a reasonable, budget conscious human being while planning a wedding in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Mantra #1:  I will not be a bridezilla. 

I will not scream, scratch, and cry on national television. 

I will not make unreasonable demands of my friends and family. 

I will not attempt to burn, maim, punch, kick, or kill my fiance. 

I will not lose my shit at every available opportunity.

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