25 years, 25 acts of kindness.

It was really uplifting to try to do something good with my time for my 25th birthday, but as my Aunt Lisa said when she heard about my project, “It’s better to do something nice just because and not have to tell everyone about it.” I agree. 

The reason I did 25 for 25 (and blogged, tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagramed my little heart out about it) was to try to spark others to do something nice in the spirit of celebration, but I do think it’s important to keep that kindness train rolling without having to tell the entire world. So, I will continue to do good turns without being found out and in the meantime, I’d like to share with you my journey through 25 acts of kindness. It’s overdue, but now seems like the perfect day because it’s the start of that feel good season when you just want to smile whenever you feel that warm sun on your face.

25 acts of kindness for 25 years

My 25 for 25

1.) Right around Valentine’s Day, I left a bouquet of flowers on the car next to mine at the grocery store.

2.) Held the door for 10 people – no one quite knew how to handle that one.

2 and a half.)  I made fresh squeezed orange juice for Brent while he was in the shower. He only counts this as a half a good deed since I left the juicer in the sink.

3.) Wrote a long note to someone I haven’t talked to in awhile.

4.) Left a post it note of encouragement in a book at the library.

5.) Sent a bouquet of flowers to an old friend from high school that always finds ways to make me smile.

6.) Filled a row of bouncy ball and prize machines in the mall with quarters. Some kids will be happy!

7.) Smiled and made a “Hey There” gesture or said, “Hello!” to everyone I encountered that day.

8.) Donated $10 in the library donation jar at the Festival of Ice.

9.)  Brought my grandfather ice cream and had a nice visit.

10.)  Paid for the person behind me at the drivethru at Starbucks.

11.) Gave a really chubby cat in a bookstore a 3 minute back scratching.

12.) Brushed snow off of the car next to mine.

13.) Put a $20 bill into a donation bowl to support a cause I truly believe in.

14.) Helped a classroom on DonorsChoose.org

15.) Gave valentines and little Dove chocolate hearts to my coworkers. Because they’re awesome and they make every day I go into work a little brighter.

16.) Bought a coffee for a friend.

17.) Surprised a teenager waiting for her ride in the mall with a $15 iTunes gift card.  She smiled.

18.) Sent job listings to people I thought would be perfect for those positions.

19.)  Donated blood.

20.) Left a 50% tip.

21.) Wiped off my machine and the machine next to mine (after the person who left forgot to) at the gym.

22.) Gave 25 compliments to friends, family, and coworkers one week. Just because.

23.) Found a dollar in the parking lot and put it under someone else’s windshield wiper.

24.) Paid for a friend’s lunch, just because that person is super awesome.

25.) Gave a thinking of you card to someone who was having a rough start to her week.

26.) Filled the apartment with some fresh blooms. Just to make everything feel more sunny. This was more for me, but it made the world feel a little lighter whenever I stepped into my kitchen.

4 Responses

  1. It was a good thing that you did with this :)

    And just to clarify: “2 and a half.) I made fresh squeezed orange juice for Brent while he was in the shower. He only counts this as a half a good deed since I left the juicer in the sink…” for him to wash with the rest of the dishes.

  2. Aww shucks, thanks, Stewie! I’m so glad you liked this! It was an amazing experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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