We all have days when we’re feeling blue. Discouraged. Lonely. Stressed.

On days like that, I usually end up on YouTube. As for what I watch, it sort of depends on whatever strikes my fancy. More often than not, it’s videos of kittens, baby sloths, or other tiny furry creatures being adorable.

Sometimes, I watch videos that are more inspirational in nature. They’re usually widely circulated and tend to have really powerful music or cool graphics attached to them. They make you feel like getting the heck out of your funk and DOING SOMETHING.

Lately, when I’m feeling a bit down, I’ve been watching wedding proposals.

Now, I know. If you know me in real life, you’re probably thinking, “Wait – is this some sort of hint for Mr. Photographer?”

Let me put your mind at ease. It’s not a hint. We’re both on the same page where that subject is concerned :)

But back to wedding proposals. I don’t know, but there’s just something about them that warms your heart. To see two people smiling, teary eyed, nervous as all hell, laughing, hugging, and sharing in a special moment…there’s just nothing like it. The best word I could use to describe it is “radiance”.

In my YouTube travels through wedding proposals, I came across one that made me laugh and smile from ear to ear from start to finish. Should I get a proposal one day, it would be frickin’ awesome if it were like this. But beyond that, I think what I love most about this video is how personal it feels. You can tell it was designed with detail. Attention. Effort. This moment was made for her. It’s a gift just for her and yet something exquisitely shared with those she loves – and eventually, the whole world. How cool is that!?

And the result is absolutely lovely.

When you feel far from up to par, surround yourself with cuteness. Whether it’s a photo of your cat or a YouTube video or a laughing baby. The simple act of smiling will lift your mood and make you feel at home in your own skin again.

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