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I was pimpled, bespectacled and totally hormonal when Pride & Prejudice came out. So, there I sat, popcorn in hand, watching Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy‘s love story in the Cinemark surrounded by 50+ high school literature students.  We sighed, giggled, and nearly fainted with anticipation at the first kiss. Now THAT was romance.

Fast forward six years later:  I’m still bespectacled and yes, still totally gaga over Mr. Darcy. There’s just something about him that makes me coming back for more. I can watch the movies (Matthew MacFadyen and Colin Firth are both F-I-N-E) and feel totally entranced by this brooding, beauty of a man. But why?

The list of reasons why we love Mr. Darcy could go on for ages. There are countless sites dedicated to decoding our love for Darcy. Just say it out loud: “Mr. Darcy”.

We’ve been in love with this man for centuries and we look for him in our own partners. As a blogger, I’d also say that we look for him in other blogs.  Maybe not by name, but definitely by type. Characters like Mr. Darcy are appealing, and so are storytelling approaches that remind us of him.

Bloggers: you need to get to know Mr. Darcy. In fact, there’s quite a bit that you can learn from him when it comes to your blog.

Do me a favor. Go rent “Pride and Prejudice”. Sit down and just watch. Enjoy it. And then, come back to this post and see why your blog should be more like Mr. Darcy.

He is Loyal

Our dear Fitzwilliam fell in love with Elizabeth and stayed true, even after getting shot down. That takes guts – and so does updating your blog regularly with great content. If you want your readers to swoon, be sure that you keep to a schedule. Post fresh content regularly; they’ll always come back wanting more.

Also, don’t get discouraged if the readers aren’t signing up to your subscription feed in droves. Building a presence like Mr. Darcy takes time and effort. You’ve got to build relationships with your readers. Listen to their feedback. Be responsive. Don’t make empty promises.

He has the Perfect Combination of Arrogance and Aloofness

You can’t help but adore his snark. That handsome facade. Biting wit. *Melt* The point is that Mr. Darcy’s got it going on and he’s not afraid to show it – but not too much.

It’s OK for you to tout what you know. In fact, being confident in your skill makes it easier for you to get your point across and build trust around your personal brand. If you show yourself as an authority and then prove it with your work, celebrate it! Let people know! Show ’em what you’re working with.

But don’t get overly cocky. Being humble balances out the badassedness and makes you more human and appealing to your readers. So go ahead and say you’re awesome…but don’t beat it into our brains over and over. Be a little whimsical too. The ladies LOVE whimsy.

He is Intelligent

Darcy is smart, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do solely with his education. Every word he speaks, every action he takes is carefully considered (in most cases) and usually has a purpose behind it. While at first we may not understand why he does what he does, with time, we come to know that there was a reason for it.

Consider each word of your blog post as Darcy considers each word he writes or speaks. Be clear and concise. Please, oh please, check for spelling and grammar. If you’re a high class guy like Mr. Darcy, you wouldn’t be caught dead mixing up “your” and “you’re”.

He Reevaluates

We all know that Mr. Darcy is stubborn and we see that throughout the story. He seems prideful and arrogant – until he gets the right feedback. When Elizabeth rejects Darcy’s proposal, he takes a step back and realizes how he is perceived by others. He reconsiders his actions and his motives.

As a blogger, you should be doing the same thing. Keeping a blog static and unresponsive to reader feedback is a perfect way to get lost and ignored. Instead, listen to your readers. Take their feedback into consideration. See what you can do to make your blog better for them – and you.

He is Sexy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s all that beauty in the eye of the beholder business, but truth be told, if it looks sexy, sounds sexy, and feels sexy, it’s DAAAHHHMMM sexy. Mr. Darcy screams sex, although it’s not in an over the top way. He’s subtle about it. A slight touch of the hand. A lingering gaze. Slow but purposeful dialogue.

You’ve got to make your blog (and brand) scream sex too, but subtly. Have content that’s awesome and easy to read. Have a design that reinforces your message and fits well with your personality. Include images (good ones) in your posts. Make the navigation simple. And for god sakes, don’t forget about the personality. Mr. Darcy works because he’s a good character. He’s got depth and a mind of his own. His personality is unmistakable. Yours should be too.

Just take a look at RedHead Writing. Her blog is SUPER sexy. She even has a porn category for her most popular posts.

We All Fall in Love With Him

I can tell you one thing about that AP English field trip  to the movies: every single girl in there went “AWWWWWW” when they finally kissed at the end. Every. Single. One. When you see something that good, you can’t help but love it. The same thing goes for your blog. If it’s good, your readers will notice and fall in love, just like we did with Mr. Darcy.

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  1. So I guess apostrophes are out from the headers, huh? Should be “He’s,” not “Hes.” Please refer back to “Hes [sic] Intelligent.”

    Too snarky? :-)

  2. I love Mr. Darcy and I thoroughly enjoyed your comparisons to blogging. As far as your own Darcy, aka Mr. Pennington, maybe he’s feeling threatened or a touch of green!

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