Keep Breathing
Photo is mine, but the words belong to Yoko Ono. When I took a trip to NYC with my friend Lauren, we found that she had written little quotes on the walls throughout MoMA.

After a majorly sucky October, I have to say that November looks pretty sweet.

In fact, it looks absodamnlutely awesome.

October was a month where my, oh how do you say, chutzpah got tested to the max. I was tested, and God, I hope I passed. Life tends to do that from time to time. It reminds you that you’re really a scared little kid with a spelling test you forgot to study for. Sorry, teach. I would rather watch movies all day.

October’s craziness is spilling a little into November, but you know what, that’s OK. It really is. I’ve got some great things on the horizon for November. There’s Thanksgiving, a trip to Gettysburg, visiting family, spending time with Brent, not being broke (thank you freelance gigs!), and the impending return of the Christmas radio station. *Le sigh* Can’t the rest of the year be this great to look forward to?

So, before I get crackalackin’ on some thoughtful blog posts having to do with communicating, I thought I’d take a little break from the madness to just reflect. Take a little breather. And maybe set a few goals for myself as I come closer to the holidays.

Quick recap. Here’s some things that I’ve accomplished since this glorious month began:

Sounds pretty good, eh? All of these things, though little, made me feel a lot better about how crazy my life can be from time to time. Sometimes, getting those little nagging tasks out of the way just makes you feel brand new. Right now, I feel pretty shiny and I’m hoping this feeling lasts all month long. Let’s set some goals for the next few weeks:

Yep. I think that sounds ambitious enough :)

It’s on the table. Please remind me to stick to it!

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  1. It’s nice to see one Miss Mandy Boyle finding time for the relaxing things in life, and also that your luck is turning around. Must be something about November, because, so far, my November has been pretty shnazzy as well. I think after that fateful trip to Conshohocken, we had nowhere to go but up! Here’s hoping that good fortune only continues!!

  2. I think you’re right! In my experience, I’ve always found that after a series of really craptastic events, things turn around and BAM! Good fortune decides to show up and bestow her awesomeness upon thee. Though, I wish I had her on speed dial. It might be nice to chat with her from time to time when things suck :)

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