I work too much and I know it.But there’s just something about getting things done that makes me feel accomplished and invigorated…until I burn out and turn into a lump. Yes. A lump. A gigantic lump of stress, worry, and disappointment. A lump that makes for a poor conversationalist. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve done it too and you hate the feelings of being drained. You hate the stress and the anxiety. You may even feel that way now.

This weekend, I got very un-lumpy. Delumpified. Lump-less?

I unplugged. I didn’t hang out on Facebook as much as I normally do and I didn’t check my email obsessively every 5 minutes. Instead, I spend the weekend with some friends. Brent’s childhood bestie, Jesse, came down from Vermont with his girlfriend to stay for a bit. It was a wonderful time and a welcome reminder of unplugging. Instead of Twitter and to-do lists, I cooked an absodamnlutely fantastic dinner (if I do say so myself :-D) and headed over to La Festa Italiana in downtown Scranton. I ate my first deep fried Oreo (better than it sounds) and a delicious pastry. I came home and sat in my living room and chatted. I slept deeply.

Then I got up this morning, went to breakfast, went to a park, read, then took a nap. Got up, read some more, and now I’m lounging with the cat, about to get up to eat something yummy. The apartment is clean and today’s weather has been sublime. My tension headache went away. My allergies haven’t even been that bad. No errands to run. I don’t have anything major hanging over my head. Tonight, I may go see some fireworks. Maybe I’ll watch a French film. This weekend has been delicious. The best part? I still have tomorrow off.

Happy Labor Day, everyone. And please. Unplug. It feels so nice. Or at least do something that makes you feel good, even if it’s just taking a nap. You work hard. You deserve it. Just don’t wait for me to have to tell you to do it :)

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