I put the task of defining “community” out there in two of my communities. I asked my Facebook friends and Twitter followers to provide their takes. Here are some of their responses:
@Mike_McGinley: “A group of people or animals having a common likeness or sharing an interest that links them together. It doesn’t need to do with location.”

@p7sky: “People with a common interest; transcends geog, ace, rage, etc.

@MFHS1: “community = shared interest or purpose. A common goal or mindset. A community is a powerful thing to be a part of. :)”

@laurengcarey: “Engagement with others through tolerance, reciprocity, and trust.

Dan Miller (creator of Porch Castle): “Let’s break it down. Comm – Communication… people, talking, sharing and exchanging ideas and philosophies. Unity – Together, a whole, a cohesive unit. Community – People communicating together, sharing ideas and living with each other.”

How do you define community?

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