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Content providers that focus on churning out large quantities of SEO-friendly articles (e.g. Demand Studios) are missing the point. Sure, having search engine-friendly content is just one piece of the puzzle. It may rank well and it may drive some traffic, but if you want users to convert or to keep coming back to your site, then you have to give them something of value – and that’s where most mass content producers fall short.

When one is focused on just getting out more and more content, quality suffers. As a result, you get search engine results pages that are clouded with less-than-interesting and less-than-useful articles that don’t offer any value to a searcher.

It makes more sense for most people to focus on producing content that is of great quality. Yes, it’s important to use appropriate keywords and to make your articles accessible and easy to share, but just because you’re writing an article to be search-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to give your site value. It has to be interesting and engaging enough to get readers. Moreover, it has to be linkworthy, and let’s face it, most search engine-friendly articles that are churned out in mass quantity just aren’t worthwhile enough to share.

The bottom line: Do you want to provide value? Get some links? Really benefit from SEO? Then be sure to produce content that’s of good quality. Make sure it offers value. Don’t focus on the rankings when developing content. Instead, think about what it offers. Think about how your message can encourage engagement and sharing. Think about what you would want to read, learn, and experience as a searcher.

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