Another busy week, but exciting!

Last week, I spent most of my time (other than working) developing copy for a summer camp at my university, which looks to be a great experience when it launches in 2011.

Then, it was on to finalizing plans for PR Boot Camp at Marywood, which proved to be stressful but fun. The event was held yesterday and we had a pretty good turn out. Minor fires were put out, good times were had, and I think that the event was a success.Thank you to all who presented and planned and put up with my insanity. We couldn’t have made this event possible without you!

That brings us to today…and this week…and the next few weeks before graduation.

Today, I feel like I’ve been struck by a truck. I’m exhausted from all of the event planning and writing and crisis management that occurred over the past five days. I feel like a need a vacation, but working from home and resting will have to do. Oh yes, and a big “thank you!” goes to Tylenol for making this morning possible :-)

But now onto what I really wanted to write about. I also had  a post I wrote featured on Brazen Careerist, which was exciting but a bit stressful at the same time. This is the first time I’ve ever been republished somewhere that big and it felt good to see all of the feedback, especially since it was a post that I never thought would get attention. Granted, not everyone agreed with me, but that’s to be expected :) Though I have to say that I found it interesting that some of those who commented did not appear to gain context around the issue. Many commented on the post on face value. Few asked questions and tried to gain more insight. Based on my GA data, not many came to look at my blog and get a feel for who I was or my writing style.

This world of new media always keeps me thinking, and that’s something I value greatly. Here I was, writing a rant on my blog because I felt frustrated that day, and *BAM* soon it ends up on a Gen Y career site. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. Was this the way that social media really behaved? Are posts that are passionate and raw and emotional more likely to be shared than those which are just useful and informative? Does an emotional post gain more feedback? Do people really think that I’m not happy or that I’m a pessimist or that I’m just some angry college student with too much debt and too big of an opinion?

The experience as a whole has left me with a lot of questions, which I’m thankful for. Constantly questioning what is and what could be is what makes life – and starting your career at this time in your life – so exciting. Sure, the readers who saw my featured post got a rant/reassurance that age does not equal experience, but on my end, I got something great. I got feedback. The post I wrote started a discussion on a topic that many people have considered but haven’t had the chance to comment on yet in an environment that cultivates conversation. I was given a lesson in being humble and the fact that you’re always on and everything you post, even rants, are subject to sharing. I got a lesson in being social. Thank you.

Now a question: do you judge someone by one blog post or one tweet or one Facebook status update? Why or why not?

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