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Do you tweet from your phone?

If so, you’re like the growing number of Americans who are accessing social networking sites from their cell phones. According to comScore, a digital research agency, social networking sites are now being accessed on a regular basis by just over 30% of smartphone users, and 11% of all cell phone users. The top dog of mobile social networking: Facebook, which serves 25 million as of January 2010, up from 11 million one year ago.
As for Twitter, the site has seen as 347% increase in mobile access between January 2009-2010, which is huge for any site, though ironically, it’s still behind MySpace, which carried 11 million hits over the past year to Twitter’s 4.7 million hits.
Also reported in the study, 6 million Americans who access their social media weapons of choice through applications alone (such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Facebook for (insert platform here), Foursquare, etc.) weren’t counted in the total numbers as detailed above, but still, it’s impressive to see not only what mobile social networking is doing to the web, but also what developers and applications are doing to change the way we access it.

Just some random numbers. I can be a geek that way :)

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