Women Looking at MapOn Wednesday, I had my first senior seminar class – and as a result, this blog is going to be going in a new direction for awhile.

In order to pass this class, I have to start blogging. As everyone knows, I’m already a blogger, so this wasn’t exactly a new foray for me. However, the class required for each student to physically create a new blog and since I had an existing one with an established presence, I didn’t really want to have to make another. I spoke with my teacher and I can use this one (yay!) to fulfill the requirement. However, there are some guidelines I need to follow.

Some posts have to be in relation to my senior project and/or portfolio pieces. I also have to offer my resume (check).

So, let’s see: I have a blog, I have post guidelines, and I have a direction. All in all – it works out.

Factor in my independent study work (also blog posts to be put up here) and I’ve got a ton of great things coming your way. :)

In between my musings and rantings, expect to see more postings on things related to me professionally and academically. And hey – if you’ve got a great idea for something you’d like to read about, let me know. I’m always open to suggestions and queries :)

Thanks and have a lovely day,

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