I’ve really been sucking at keeping up with posting – though I will try to explain.

My tardiness first began after Thanksgiving. Family was in and spending time with them was just more important. I laughed, shared memories, and spent a lot of time talking to others about what is important, what I should be looking forward to, and what I’m really afraid of. Yes – I am afraid of a lot of things, despite my somewhat fearless exterior. Sure, it’s fun to be fearless, but I am human. I do have feelings. I do sometimes get stressed out and fear for the future. It’s only natural. I’m 21, in love, in college, and in debt. There’s a hell of a lot to think about.

So, after the family departed and I had a small breakdown over what I should be doing with my life (oh, you know you’ve been there before too), I ran into that lovely time of year that always brings the best out of people: Finals Week. I’ve had my rear kicked six ways from Sunday when it comes to school work this semester. The sheer volume is just mind boggling. Couple that with other stuff I have on the side and it’s a pretty deadly combination. I had to make a choice and unfortunately, instead of writing to you dear readers, I chose instead to write of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the questions I have about God.

But now, it’s time to come back. I’ve missed you. The pain has just been to great to keep me away :)

We’ll talk again real soon.

And here’s a hug for good measure.


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