10 Things I Will Do Before the Year is Over

1.) Celebrate Christmas in Vermont.

2.) Finish reading at least one of the books I’m partly through.

3.) Tell my family how much I love them.

4.) See “Precious”.

5.) Secret Santa.

6.) Goose laugh.

7.) Deep clean the apartment. Like really clean it. Like hands-and-knees-holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-that-came-off-there clean.

8.) Yearn for the return of “Glee”

9.) Get my grades. (Keepin’ my fingers crossed for a 4.0)

10.) Paint another picture.

10 Things I Want to Do in 2010

1.) Post on here every day.

2.) Go somewhere cool.

3.) Get published somewhere new.

4.) Relaxation – perhaps yoga? Guided meditation? Something.

5.) Read more books for pleasure.

6.) Paint more pictures.

7.) Take more pictures.

8.) Be a better girlfriend/daughter/friend/sister/cousin/etc.

9.) Not get a concussion.

10.) Spend more time being happy.

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