My parents were set up on a blind date in high school…I think. From what I understand, they had a few mutual friends and were both interested in finding someone. They met a local Burger King, about 15 minutes from where they both attended high school, and the rest was history. A little while later, I came along. Then there was a wedding, a house, a few cats, my hermit crabs, a divorce, two more weddings, and a baby. Looking back on it all, it actually makes me a little sad that I don’t know much about how my parents met or how their relationship got started. That brings me to my question: How much do you really know about your history?

Do you know where and when your parents first met?

Do you know what countries your ancestors came from?

How about what color your great-grandmother’s eyes were?

My Nanny’s eyes were ice blue and as clear as any day.

Learn about your history. A few years later, when you’re driving home, you’ll think about it.

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