For as long as I can remember, I wanted to do something big.

At first that manifested itself in my desire to be a concert violinist when I was 5, although I still have never to this day picked up a violin.

Today, my passion is invested in writing. Writing has a strong presence in my life, fed by my extensive reading habits and need to entertain others. I write for other people, but I also write for myself.

Writing for the self above all things is important, so I work to maintain a positive work/life balance. Not only has this taught me the importance of time management, but it’s challenged me to start living and writing on my own terms. Because I possess a drive to succeed, I constantly gather new information and insight on ways to better my writing and myself.

As a working copywriter, I have found that fulfillment comes in all shapes, sizes and tag lines. Practice makes perfect and perfect doesn’t exist – I just have a lot of practice doing something I find meaningful.

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